One of the major problems which prevent the development of successful energy efficiency measurements is the lack of knowledge of the energy efficiency technologies and energy management

The lack of training of professionals has lead to a poor energy management and therefore to a waste of energy that makes our products less competitive.

Even more, at European level, there is not a well-defined qualification for Energy Managers. Therefore there are many difficulties to implement energy efficiency measurements all around the member states so energy improvements can be account under the same situation.

The Spanish Association of Energy Services Companies (ANESE), in contact with other European associations, has identified the need to define a clear Energy Manager Profile, which it the main goal of the EFFIVET project.

The project aims to:

  • To develop a VET structure for the energy efficiency sector which allows to establish a qualification system for the future, in accordance with the needs of the market.
  • To transfer methods, developed in previous Leonardo Projects, for the identification of needed skills, participation of employers and usage of common European tools (e. g. definition of knowledge, skills, competences and description of learning outcomes) to promote transparency and recognition of competences.
  • To support the implementation of the “New Skills for New Jobs” strategy by improving the competences and skills of the EE sector as part of the new “green job” market.
  • To boost the development of the European Energy Efficiency sector by  the skills and competences in the field of energy efficiency.
  • To foster the relationship between training and working life to vocational training institutions more responsive to market needs (job creation).

For further information please visit: http://effivet-project.eu/