SCOW -Selective collection of the organic waste in tourist areas and valorisation in farm composting plants
The aim of SCOW, funded by the ENPI CBCMED Programme, is to develop low cost, technically simple and high quality biowaste collection and recycling models in territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity. SCOW wants to build up a sustainable, innovative and local treatment of the biowaste in decentralized small-scale composting plants, developed essentially in agricultural holdings situated near the biowaste production areas in the partners’ territories.
The main objective of the project is to develop an integrated and environmentally sound waste management system”, the target group and the final beneficiaries of the project will benefit of the project’s results and specific objectives in terms of:
 1. To develop an integrated and environmentally organic waste management system that ensures the adequate collection and treatment with sustainable methods, in tourist areas with close agricultural activity.
2. To involve the different necessary stakeholders to ensure the proper application of the project: municipalities, tourist activities, “existing recyclers” and farmers, collection and treatment companies and other complementary agents. 
3. To enhance the knowledge and good practices of the stakeholders involved
SCOW partners: Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (Spain), Local Councils’ Association (Malta), House of Water and Environment (Palestinian Authority), Upper Galilee Regional Council and MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute (Israel), SYVADEC (SIRET) – Corsica, Environment Park SpA – BioenergyLab (Italy)
The duration of the project will be 36months.