The Local Councils’ Association is organizing a number of activities during the European Union Energy Sustainable Week (24th to 28th June 2013) to take place in Malta, with the cooperation of 3 of its EU funded projects: MARIE (MED Programme), MESHARTILITY (IEE Programme) and SEEMORE (IEE Programme). The activity can be summarized as follows:


  • Set up of 2 large pop up displays (3m wide x 2.1m high), with energy efficiency information and tips, at the largest and most visited shopping centers in Malta - “The Point” and “Daniels Shopping Complex”. In this way we can assure that the pop up displays and the information will be visible by large amount of people. Politicians and important personnel will be invited for the launch of the displays and the other activities we have planned. In this way media and citizens will be attracted to visit the displays. Furthermore, we will disseminate specially prepared for the event T-shirts to all participants and visitors. The official launch will take place on 24th June 2013.

 This activity is organized through the MARIE www.marie-medstrategic.eu and MESHARTILITY www.meshartility.eu EU funded projects.

  • Another part of our EUSEW activities is the launch of a mobile APP, freely downloadable from Apple Store and Play Store (Android). The APP will be officially launched and announced during the official event with the media and politicians at the shopping centers. The application will include energy efficiency information and tips which will help citizens to reduce their utility bills and save the environment.

 This activity is organized through the MESHARTILITY www.meshartility.eu EU funded project.

  • The official event will also give the start of a photo competition targeted at tourists visiting Malta during the summer of 2013. The aim of the photo competition is to promote the use of alternatives to the car among the tourists – bicycles, bus, quad bikes, segways, etc. The photo competition will be supported through posters and postcards distributed around hotels in Malta, as well as a billboard which will promote sustainable mobility. Tourists will be invited to upload their photos of using sustainable mobility options to a specially created FB page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Seemore-Malta/115435838652695?fref=ts

 This activity is organized through the SEEMORE www.seemore-project.eu EU funded project