The SEEMORE project- Sustainable and Energy Efficient Mobility Options in Tourists Regions in Europe, aims to show that the partners from the eight European coastal tourist regions participating in the project are able to change the travel behavior of visitors within their regions towards more sustainable transport modes.
 The project has the following objectives:
•Increase the awareness among visitors about sustainable mobility options in tourist regions.
•Increase co-operation between the sectors of tourism and mobility, and creation of new and improved energy efficient mobility options for leisure travel in 8 coastal regions throughout Europe.
•Shift of travel behavior of visitors towards more sustainable modes.
•Widely share and communicate the SEEMORE experiences and outcomes with other actors in Europe.  
The action will have a preparation phase to take up lessons from previous project and to develop local action plans. The core of the actions is formed by the implementation in the regions of Balearic Islands (ES), Bohuslän (SE), Forlí-Cesena (IT), Dobrich (BG), Pomerania (PL), Madeira (PT), Limassol (CY) and Malta (MT). From mid-term onwards the focus will shift to transferring experiences to other tourist regions and measuring outcomes.
Visitors of tourist regions will benefit from the improved travellers’ information, the increased choice in mobility options and the attractive integrated travel and leisure products. Local actors in other European tourist regions will be inspired through the organisation of national transfer seminars, presentations at European conferences and through written information.
On the regional level a stronger co-operation between actors from the tourism and mobility sectors will be established with local working groups and the implementation of concrete activities like data exchange protocols.
The main key outputs from the SEEMORE projects will be:
· Integrated sustainable mobility information package for visitors for in each SEEMORE region in the national languages and at least two foreign languages.
· 80 attractions involved in providing integrated transport and leisure packages
· New public transport routes or increased service to leisure destinations and major events.
· Promotion actions to increase bicycle use among visitors
· 17 national seminars with site visits and two central European seminars
Project Duration: 20/03/2012 – 19/03/2015