Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement (MARIE)

MARIE aims to improve Mediterranean building energy efficiency (EE) and exploit the opportunities presented by EU policy and directives on EE in Buildings, taking into consideration the distinct characteristics of the MED space and creating more suitable socio-economic conditions in order to meet the following challenges:  - The need for new regulations and institutional tools in response to the new EU EPBD recast.  - The lack of financial mechanisms able to stimulate energy efficient refurbishment of buildings.  - The SME dominated buildings sector requiring external support in order to stimulate innovation in the provision of adequate services and products for energy refurbishment of buildings.  MARIE includes 3 groups of Pilot Actions (PA) to test and develop solutions in response to these challenges.  The final result of the project will be the MED Building EE Strategy (MEDBEES). This will integrate the outputs from all tasks (WPs) combining top-down, bottom up, supply and demand side considerations enriched by new know-how gained from the PAs.    Top-down contributions from policy dialogue development leading to specific regional policy commitments will accelerate of progress towards EU policy objectives (WP3).    A bottom up approach of initiatives, tried and tested in Pilot actions (PA), will produce a portfolio of technical, financial and legislative solutions and services to meet the challenges locally and regionally (WP4&5).     The demand side will be stimulated by dissemination, awareness raising and training targeted primarily at public sector decision makers (WP2) and by regional analysis to identify the most effective measures to adopt (WP4).     The supply side will be articulated by identifying business opportunities (WP3) and developing support measures for the SME dominated construction sector (WP5).   External projection is vital in order to capitalise on this result and is therefore included in the project management task.  Throughout the project, WP1.3 will build an expectant network, ready to exploit the MEDBEES, by cultivating contacts throughout the Mediterranean region, culminating in Conferences in Brussels and Cairo.   The large consortium (9 Med Regions and 2 Med Cities and their relation with 9 national competent authorities) offers optimal geographical and governance coverage and a critical mass for transfersal actions. Also, the MARIE Associated Partners Platform and Cairo conference will facilitate dissemination and the inclusion of South Med. Countries in the project. The 3 Med Forums of Regions & Cities will further extend the influence of the project and ensure dissemination of the project and its results to Regional Authorities throughout the Space Med.     In conclusion, MARIE will articulate a coordinated Med. task force to progress further and faster towards the common goals. It will provide training, tools, experience and experimental know-how and also give a more unified voice to the unique Med-region building sector.