The Local Councils (Tendering) Regulations 2009 (L.N. 255 of 2009) regulates the making of appeals by aggrieved bidders in cases of tenders issued by the Local Councils of Malta and Gozo.  A copy of these regulations may be downloaded from this website from the Legislation Tab.

The Appeals Board established by these regulations may only receive appeals of tenders having a value of less than €12,000 (twelve thousand euros).  All other appeals shall be made to the Contracts Committee Appeals Board.

All parties are adviced to take legal advice before making an appeal, as well as to be assisted by a Lawyer during the proceedings.

In brief, the procedure to follow is as follows (taken from the regulations):

12. Every bidder who feels aggrieved by any decision of the Council regarding tenders may, within ten working days from the date of the decision of the Council, present an appeal together with a deposit of two hundred euro (€200) to the Secretary of that Council. The full deposit shall be refunded by the Council to the appellant bidder if that appeal is decided in favour of the appellant.

13. (1) The Council shall immediately send a copy of the appeal, together with one-half of the amount deposited, to the Board Registrar, and such amount shall not in any case be refunded to the Council whatever the decision of the Appeals Board may be. The payment shall be drawn in favour of the Local Councils Association.
(2) The Board Registrar shall keep separate accounts to register the income and outcome related to the functioning of the Appeals Board.

(3) The Executive Secretary of the Council shall also be responsible to submit the contract details, complete with e-mail addresses of all the relevant parties to be summoned during the appeal.

The Local Councils' Association cannot be held responsible in full or in part and in any shape and form by giving the above information of interest to third parties.