The Covenant of Mayors is a commitment by signatory towns and cities to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production and use.

The Local Councils' Association has already organised two Mayors' and Vice-Mayors meetings on the topic of climate change and the Covenant of Mayors.  The purpose of these meetings was to dissiminate information and to encourage all Local Councils to underwrite the Covenant of Mayors.

In the meantime, the Local Councils' Association has been approved as a Supporting Structure with the European Commission.

The following Local Councils have adhered to the Covenant of Mayors and are listed on the official website:


The following are relative documents on the Covenant of Mayors:


Covenant of Mayors (MT)

Covenant of Mayors (EN)

Adhesion Form  (To be filled by computer, signed and submitted to the LCA.  Hand written applications are not being accepted)



Documents pertaining to the realisation of the Covenant of Mayors and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan may be found on this weblink:


Interested Local Councils can download the adhesion form, fill it and send it to Executive Secretary by mail or email: jmangion@lca.org.mt



The Local Councils' Association encourages all Local Councils to make climate change one of their top priorities and to make an early decision to adhere to the Covenant of Mayors.