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The main aim of the Medi@TIC project is to transfer digital media development best practices between regions and sectors to help create new business and jobs.

During the life of the project, partners will:

Document best practice used by different regions to stimulate the digital media sector.

Adapt and transfer these best practices for use in other regions and sectors.

Develop action plans in each region, incorporating transferred best practices, to improve the development perspectives of the digital media sector.

Develop a Digital Media Observatory to disseminate on-going project developments to a wider European audience.


1. Sevilla Global, Urban Agency for Comprehensive Development Seville City Council - Spain

2. San Sebastián Local Development Agency – Spain

3. Cork Institute of Technology – Ireland

4. Vidzeme Planning Region – Latvia

5. Local Councils’ Association – Malta

6. Regional Development Agency Bielsko-Biala – Poland

7. Municipality of Genoa – Cultural Heritage Research and University Department Cultural Policies Office – Italy

8. ERNACT EEIG – Ireland

9. Municipality of Kristiansand – Norway

10. Derry City Council – United Kingdom


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